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CrowdTales's Matchmaking System and How it May Help Improving Literacy of its Players

By Seno

CrowdTales has a matchmaking feature where you can find for playing partners automatically. Unfortunately, it doesn't group people based on anything except the story language chosen by the players. It handles grouping based on the queue where the earlier you come, the earlier you will be grouped. Yes, it doesn't sound like it will increase literacy of its players at all. Because it doesn't. But, we are planning to improve the system. We are planing to implement Leader Oriented Matchmaking (LOM) Algorithm to the system where it will calculate all players' association weights in the waiting lobby and group them based on it. As comparison, our current matchmaking system will result random association weights between the players. So, for the new system, we are going to determine the groups based on the association weights. The target is, to group the ones who are more skilled and experienced with them who are less skilled and less experienced so the less could learn from the more. But, we can't let the most unskilled and unexperienced grouped with the most skilled and experienced. There could be too large gaps between the players and the players could be too irrelevant to each others. So, the second target is to make sure the gaps are balance from the lowest one to the highest one to keep the relevancy between the players to increase players' engagements, which hopefully will give good impacts to the business.

So, as of the target of the planned matchmaking system, we hope that it will help meeting people or players with the ones who are more skilled so those people will have the opportunity to learn more and more in every game that uses the matchmaking system. Thus, helping them improve in literacy especially in the writing section. In terms of improving literacy, the players also could simply read the published stories and get inspired and motivated to write more stories.

Let's hope that the new matchmaking system will be implemented soon.