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CrowdTales is a collaborative continue-the-story game where we write a story together, turn by turn, in a limited time.

Cerita Kami

CrowdTales was first developed in October 2021 by Bagus Seno Pamungkas, a young Indonesian who has a passion for writing and developing digital products. Bagus loves writing, his passion was channeled into writing and publishing stories to magazines. He also had various story ideas and wrote them down, although he didn't finish them. On the other hand, he also likes creating digital products with a focus on User Experience. Because, he is happy when other people enjoy using his product, that's his "why". The combination of his passion for writing and digital product development ultimately gave birth to CrowdTales.

Previously, Bagus had implemented several other ideas into digital products such as websites and mobile games, but most of them failed. CrowdTales is a product that is based on his idea that still survives and continues to be championed. If we go back a few years, Bagus has actually had a dream of starting a software company since elementary school, at which time he said, "I want to create a software company called Macrosoft". In fact, at that time he had not mastered extensive programming skills, in fact his English was still poor. But perhaps, it is the BIG dream spoken by a little boy that continues to drive him to this day.

CrowdTales's Developer

Bagus Seno

Founder, CEO & CTO

I love when people enjoy the products I made!

Instagram: @bagvsseno

Kenapa Bermain CrowdTales?

Show what's inside you to the world

Show the world how beautiful, creative, and even how crazy your mind is by writing a story together and publishing them.

Practice your imagination in a fun way

Let your mind go places, concocting wonderful plots while accepting the challenge of continuing the story within limited time.

Inspire, and be inspired

Let what you write inspire others. Don't forget to visit other people's worlds of imagination too, and be inspired. Psttt, you can also appreciate them by giving a like and an encouraging comment!

Improve your literacy

Learn how to write great stories from others and by reading and writing more. We are also planning an AI to help you ideate the story continuation!

A moderated community

Don't worry about the interactions in our community. It's under our watch and moderated.

Our dream

We hope our community gives a good, enermous impact to the world of literacy in a fun way! We also hope many of stories from our community become inspirations for books and movies ✨
So, let's write a story together!
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