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CrowdTales was built with love, passion, and hatred

By Seno

Many sites might have some statements that sound like it was "built with love". I also really love to use that statement, even I use it too in this platform and my previous failed startup. However, I added more: with hatred. But, why?

Well, I think because of the things I experienced before, and the willing to be more realistic on the statement. Yes I put many loves and a huge passion to this platform when I was building, coding, and developing it. But, I can't deny that my journey before and on building this platform have some hatreds. The failures and mistakes I made. The incovenience feelings through my previous teams. And technically, the difficulties on making this imagination into the reality.

I hope this statement could inspire many people to keep moving forward, to keep going, regardless how many times we've failed and the inconveniences we are going through!