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Alpha Version

By Seno

You may already read the alpha version notice when you open the homepage. Here I will talk more about it as it's actually a huge thing, and how you can be a person who gives an impact to it.

I don't really follow the standard of alpha version, but here are what I mean about it:

We are still validating the idea

In this version, we are validating the idea. It means that it's a crucial stage, a crucial phase, which could decide whether the app or the platform will be continued in the future or not. So, before I spend even more efforts and energies to this platform, I need to validate it to the market first to find out whether the market love it or not. If they, or you, love, I probably will continue it! But, if they, or you, don't love, I might will stop developing it.

So, is it the MVP version? The answer is yes, which means that there still could be more features to be implemented. Or, at least, the main mechanic of the gameplay still could be improved a lot, following how the market reacts.

We are still seeking the best format and experimenting

Basically, the mechanic of the game and the entire format of it is still based on my own perspective. Is it better to have no time limit when writing? Is it good to publish the stories to the public? Is it better to hide from other people what is being written? I don't know the answer until the players give me the feedback.